Stop fishing for barbel in the heatwave

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This sounds like good advice, the Severn was like bathwater yesterday evening, and the Barbel did not fight too hard.

But have noticed that matches don't get cancelled and a lot of people will be on the bank anyway.

Hot weather fishing

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how does the scorching weather generally impact fish?

have been fishing Carr Lane pond in Prescot which the last few weeks has been not far off a bite a Chuck small roach and bream on red maggots

yesterday and today though loads of float going under but nothing when struck. Miss after miss after miss. Guessed they were up in the water so steadily came up off the bottom same result

Whenever I tossed maggots in the water it churned like it was full of piranhas so obviously in the area and just not interested. Others nearby seemed to be having the same issue

new to all this so any hot weather tips appreciated

Enjoyable session with my son.

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So today I took my six year old son and ten year old nephew out for a couple of hours on a local lake.
I set them both up on whips, one had a 3 meter, the other a two meter.
Tactics were simple, rugby ball style pole floats, simple strung out shotting fishing corn over loose fed hemp.
They both caught a few roach of a few ounces but my son caught two Crucians literally feet from the bank.
His face was an absolute picture and by the bend in his little two meter whip you would have thought he had hooked a right lump!
A really fun session, nothing complicated tactics wise.
I was dubious about taking both of them together as I thought it may have been too much but they were both quite focused and they both enjoyed themselves.
Here is the slightly bigger Crucian of the day

Rig making board

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Thinking if knocking up a Pole Rig Making Board.
I’ve got a few ideas, but I’d like to pick MD’ers brains on little design tweaks, such as length, markings, pins etc etc…as I’m sure there are plenty on here that have made there own. Pics would be much appreciated 🙂👍🎣

Scratching the itch..........................

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After a first visit to Lewden Springs last Friday it piqued my curiosity in as much as it seemed to have a lot going for it and yet it doesn't seem to attract many anglers, so another visit was always going to happen. So this morning after rising at around 8-30am ( One of the joys of retirement ;) ) and a spot of breakfast I loaded the car up and set off on the 10 minute trip to the lake.
Pulling into the car park, there were only 2 other cars there, despite the forecast of a decent day ahead. It was noticeable on my first visit and again today that most people tend to fish either waggler of feeder, I'd used the pole on Friday and that was the plan of attack again today and just two pegs round from where I had fished on Friday.


The set up was a carbon copy...

June 16th chub fishing on stick float

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