Barbel taps - Fact or Fiction

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When Barbel fishing I watch the tip, you notice all sorts of little knocks and movements in the flow especially on a quiver tip.

I remember John Wilson touch legering for Barbel, something I've not tried, and he said before you get a bite you feel a sandpaper sensation on the line, this is apparently the Barbel's whiskers on the line before they take the bait!

Had a few little rattles today and told myself that's a Barbel's Whiskers in hope. I doubt it was and more likely to be stuff hitting the line causing a slight rattle on the tip.

What do you reckon, Barbel whiskers or stuff hitting the line?

Rig storage

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How long would you keep unused rigs for ?
Stored in dark

Views on Carp above 8lbs

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In the latest Q and A with Des Ship he was asked what is views are on CARP, and the maximum size suitable for
commercial match fishing,
He suggested, that 8lbs would be a good limit, if that was possible, as removal can be difficult in many ways (quote)
Our main match water has carp to 18lbs, with many 14lbs plus coming out regular in the summer months, not many
are hooked and landed in matches, most being carp of 3lbs --- 8lbs
The larger carp tend to be targeted by the specimen lads or feeder angler, if these larger carp were removed from the pool
the club fear that the pleasure/ specimen/ type angler would lose out, so the vote is to leave them be.
Whats your view?
Do you think carp over 8lbs are to big in matches for the pole angler,give us your view.
Must admit I personalty like the chance of catching a larger carp in a match, specially on the feeder, or down the edge on...
Chub and Snow Water
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How does your River fare after a Snowfall ? I've had some good Days on the Wharfe a day or 2 after snowfall for them Chub.

Rig length and extending rigs.

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What length is your average length to you tie rigs to ie paste rigs.
Does anyone ever extend rigs on the bank.
My reflo power stock is shrinking

Would you ever shot a stick float like this?

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Just for curiosities sake. Say you have an 8 no 4 stick float, would you ever use a single SSG shot to cock it? Maybe with one dropper?

Personally I'd side on a bulk of no4s instead for versatilities sake but I can't see why not if using a simple bulk? I know a lot of people prefer no 8s.

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