Condensing your tackle...

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Having gone fishing today and loaded my trolley for the first time since the first lockdown when I did a four wheel conversion on it, it struck me just how much gear I actually take - and this is without keepnets and rods :eek:

Seat box plus stacker units
Side tray, too big really but you never know
Bait bag with a mix of baits and groundbaits
Roller bag packed with all sorts plus two rollers
sandwiches and flask
Pole holdall
Brolly (just in case)
Landing net on it's own

Despite looking at it, short of strip out everything I know I won't use but might need so take it just in case, what can be done to condense tackle to a reasonable, if not sensible, amount? - and that was just for a pleasure fishing session ;)

This Post is dedicated to Pompous Git

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I hope the next zander you catch bites your knob.
@Pompous git gave me this warm fuzzy blessing just before Christmas ;) (If you missed the thread, there was a lot of tongue and cheek, although a definite different side of the fence regarding a certain silver predator)

Now, it's been an odd week. I went out all day on Monday for the first time since early November. I was after some good old Esox, but unfortunately, good old Esox didn't know I was at the party.

So, being a teacher and on half term week, I decided to give it another crack yesterday. I only gave it three hours and before my 2nd rod was out had a belting run. I was into a good double, and lost it at the net. Rude words may have made an appearance. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long to make amends and ended up with 4 pike on the...

Groundbait, groundbait, groundbait - is it for the angler or the fish?

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Okay, I've got itchy fingers this evening, starting to get pre day's fishing excited even though it's a few days away yet - bet i don't sleep tonight now :D

But, anyway, I've just been milling around the online stores looking at groundbait - I know what I wanted but was absolutely taken aback at the amount and variety of groundbait available now - one store alone boasted some 115 different types of groundbait!

To me there was always fishmeal based and non-fishmeal based, natural colour or dark/black, but now it seems you can get every flavour and colour under the sun.
I thought, simples, a bag of Sensas Roach & Silver fish, but now I'm bamboozled with more options than I'd know what to do with :D

Is groundbait to catch fish or is it to catch the angler? Are we going down the Boilie path with Groundbait?

Tackle Storage

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I am looking for some advice - where do you lot store your tackle?
Mine is in the shed and its A) a pain in the ar$e to get to what with mowers, bikes etc. B) a little damp and C) not the most secure.
I am thinking of buying a plastic outdoor storage unit and wondered if anyone else uses one and if so what are they like and which one would you recommend. Been looking at this sort of thing but worry about security Keter Store It Out Max 4 x 5ft Garden & Wheelie Bin Storage |
Thanks for any help.
Attention to detail and preparation
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I wonder how many anglers on the forum are perfectionists in that some anglers, myself included, like everything to be perfect for when you turn up at a match.

Speaking for myself my hook length boxes are generally fully populated, my box is always well prepared and organised, winders and floats all neatly arrayed in order. My bait is all prepared the night before and organised simply to put in the car when I load my gear, with maggots riddled the night before with fresh maize and a sprinkling of garam masala. It's one of those little things I've always done and has held me in good stead.

When I get to my peg my set up is always the same, neat and consistent to maximize efficiency. Top kits are all doubled up and with pole rigs I generally have the same pattern and weigh floats set up in 3 offs of the same breaking strain often with 3 different line diameters, i.e. carp diamond...

Old video footage

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Hi Folks. I live in a small village in Ireland, in County Cavan, called Butlersbridge. As a kid in the 70s I remember fondly seeing all the fisher men and women on the banks of the Annalee, and on the odd occasion I'd gain enough courage to shimmy up to one or two, to ask questions and sit all day just enjoying their company and sport.

Recently I stumbled on a snippet of youtube footage on the apollo36uk channel

and for a few seconds there was a group of the local Butlersbridge village kids pictured on the Bridge fishing. Till last week none of them seen it and we all got great kicks passing it around social media.

That got me thinking, there must be lots of holiday camcorder vhs or older footage lying around of fishermen that holiday'd in the Cavan area. I'd love to try and source some old footage. Simple stuff like driving around a Cavan town...

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