Maggot Drowners Complete Guide to Angling

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Meant in jest ;) (y)

Rules for fishing

1) Only use Brown Crumb or homemade groundbait as new ones are fandangled.
2) Do not buy nice tackle when you can fashion your own, you're probably not a good enough angler to warrant it anyway.
3) Fish must be caught on dead pinkie only, especially Barbel, on 0.06 hooklengths if possible. Not forgetting the 15g cage feeder in flood conditions.

Anymore? Meant in jest remember.... although probably a humour fail on my part, just my thoughts at the moment. :LOL:
Some String Pulling Required
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After a couple of blank pike sessions and some less than inspiring river trips I need some action so headed down to Renny Lakes yesterday.

It was a cold, foggy morning although fortunately frost free - I arrived about 8.30am and initially wondered if the place was shut as mine was the only car in the car-park :oops:
I headed straight across to the peg on the silvers lake I've drawn in our last two matches - both took place in the colder weather and on both occasions I caught carp so I reckoned it was a fairly safe assumption that there would be one or two in the area.
Tommy Pickering - Born to Win Competition
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The Prizes: SEVEN Prizes to be Won :D

7 x Signed Hardback copies of Tommy Pickering's Autobiography - Born to Win

And if that's not enough - A Maggotdrowning Sticker to go with each one !

BORN TO WIN is a roller-coaster ride through the life of the man, the myth, the angling legend that is quite simply … TOMMY PICKERING.
In his unmissable new autobiography, the Barnsley Blacks legend reveals, alongside inspirational stories of success and breaking records
Needs must....
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River Wharfe, Tadcaster

A Kingfisher flying past, really nice and peaceful but a bit cold

Lads further down have just caught something....

Best stretch of canal near me

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Reading a few catch reports on here I see canal catches I could have only dreamed of back when I used to regularly fish canals, really impressive stuff.

It has me hankering to get back on a canal but the Staffs/Worcs near me can be difficult fishing, sometimes devoid of fish, at other times mainly full of Perch, which although fun to catch, is not quite the same for me as a bag of Skimmers or Roach which I want to have a go at on Bread after reading a few other posts on here.

I know of another stretch, on the adjoining Stourbridge canal, this runs next to a fishery and I believe the fishery might have stocked the canal at some point. I have only fished it once and caught a good few Skimmers and Roach amongst the Perch, which leads me to believe there's a good head of fish there.

To my frustration, the...

What are the most targeted species on your local rivers?

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As the titles suggests what species are the most targeted on peoples various rivers around the country? I got thinking about it when wandering the banks of the Thames yesterday just watching the various anglers go about their sessions.

On the Oxfordshire Thames I'd say 90% of the pleasure fishing is split pretty equally between float fishing for predominantly roach, feeder fishing for predominantly bream and lure fishing for pike and perch. When you throw in match fishing though that definitely tips the scales massively in favour of the roach mostly on the float as they dominate way more matches than the bream.

I suspect the answers will be fairly obvious in favour of barbel on some rivers like it's fairly obvious with roach on the Thames but will be interesting to hear about the less obvious rivers 👍🏻

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