Red or White ?
Red or White ?
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Maggots that is.

The go-to colour* for commercials seems to be Red, yet natural stillwaters White, then you've got the rivers and canals where bronze, multi, and even pinkies and squats are the chosen ones, but is it just a confidence thing from an angler's perspective, or do fish really react differently to different colour maggots?

*(Independent survey carried out by me where one person's opinions were gathered, namely mine ;))
Biggest fish you've caught this year?
Biggest fish you've caught this year?
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What's the biggest fish you've caught so far this year?
For those who catch Carp, it stands a good chance of being a Carp, right? If you don't catch Carp then what species was it and how big?

For me it's the few big Carp I caught from the park. I would do well to beat my modest PB of 22lb from there, though there are quite a few high doubles in there.

Biggest was 19lb.

Second biggest 18lb 9oz.

18lb 9oz Carp.jpg

Do you suffer from Tackle 'barrassment?

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A genuine question, do you get embarrassed when getting your <fishing> tackle out in front of other anglers?

Is your pole that old its got a flick-tip, or the graphics are worn and faded, so last year?

Does your seatbox resemble something you occasionally see on Freecycle, no 36mn legs and bags full of attachments that you may never use?

Do you load your converted shopping trolley in the shade, out of the way of others, and look on enviously at their top of the range latest four wheel drive mega monster?

Do you replace or buy new just to keep up with the angling equivalent of the Jones's?

Or do you just get it out and use it for what it was intended satisfied that it owes you nowt and still does the job?


Wet, Wild but happy, love fishing....

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Winter arrived on the ribble last Saturday with high winds and rain. Sat banks9de feeding hemp and maggot catching fish on the stick I wouldn't have wanted be anywhere else...

Feeder Design for Rivers

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Any ideas about the best feeder design for holding bottom on rivers. I am thinking of an alternative to more weight and use the current to hold bottom. I am thinking open end feeder is probably the best as the water can flow through it. However, any opinion on a tear drop design - like an aerofoil?

Its prob pointless as i think line drag may be an issue more than feeder weight but its cold and wintery and i am bored!

Any ideas?

Choosing a pole length.

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Been fishing a margin pole this year, and learning the ropes as it were. Looking forwards now, I’m thinking the benefits offered by a longer pole, and
obviously something a little better quality might be worth investigating.

Dont need a 16m one, and perhaps don’t even need. 14.5 one either, so 13m probably would be great for me. However, reading the info from
the guys on this site, it is often said you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

Question is this then: if I bought the 14.5m, but used it mostly around 13m, would there be a noticeable difference between the two poles, as obviously the 14.5 would be a more costly purchase. Thinking Superium pole range perhaps. Then again I would have that little extra length if the need ever arose.
Would there be much in it, or not worth the extra outlay?

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