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 Fishing Talk
 My June Ireland Trip
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Roving Reporter

United Kingdom

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05 October 2001

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  01:20:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit Ziptrev's Homepage Bookmark this topic Add Ziptrev to your friends list

A Long Week, A very Long Post,
You Have been warned
Surprisingly, for someone no longer working, life is very full at the moment.
As I commence this report on my latest trip to Ireland, Hemp is bubbling away on the cooker, American Buckwheat has just been put away in the freezer and Frozen Tench flavoured Maggots, Meat and fresh flavoured maggots have been put away, ready for my trip to Bury Hill Lake with Peter and Geoff on Friday.

The hemp and wheat are for my intended Barbel campaign and the flavourings are from Braddocks.
Will they work?
Only time will tell, as it’s all new to me.

What was not new was the incessant rain as my eldest son Greg and I made our way down from Co. Londonderry to Co. Cavan, for a week together fishing.
Since our April visit in glorious sunshine, the weather seemed to have done nothing but rain!
All reports from the earlier weeks visits were dire!
The Erne up between 5 and 8 ft, the Loughs swollen; and suggestions to visit other areas, such as Cootehill, where the Loughs were landlocked and not connected to river systems,
were rife.

We called in at Tisdales shop just before Enniskillen as Greg needed some last minute items.
10 bags of Sensas groundbait at £2.00 per bag was a good deal and a Drennan Quiver at £12.50 seemed fair to me.
I treated myself to an ‘on offer’ Trabbucco Magnetic Hook box for a fiver and then we set off again crossing the Border near Belturbet.
We went straight to the bait shop in Killashandra, as Geraldine and Sean O’Reilly were at a wedding, otherwise they collect the bait they order for us themselves.
Incidentally, If you want spotlessly clean Bed and Breakfast accommodation at 25 Euros per night, with all amenities, including bait fridges, drying room, Games room, including free self help coffee and tea making facilities, dart’s board, pool table etc. then you wont go far wrong here!

Geraldine, also the contact number for the Killashandra Angling information system, can never do enough to make you welcome, including swapping Breakfast for a pack-up for the early starters.
They also have a massive self-catering house available, that we hired for 7 in April for less than £200!
The Private pegs (Beach) 50 yards from the front door are also an attraction!

Arriving with McMahon in the bait shop, we collected our sack of groundbait, maggots, casters etc. and I asked the price.
‘72 Euros’ said Mr McMahon
‘And where’s fishing?’ I asked as I reached for my wallet.
‘Nowhere’ he grinned, ‘But it’s still 72 Euros’
He must have been fed up with having to give the bad news to countless hopefuls this season! but still retained a sense of humour.
Enquiring further, we discovered that Dumb Lough, a new one to us that we had found close by on the map, had reputedly been stocked with Tench and Carp some 2 years ago, but he had had no recent reports.
We were to discover why later!

Calling in at Eonish, we unloaded the bait and our luggage, in a large 3 bedded room complete with television and en-suite facilities and made our way back to Belturbet for food and information.
We were also looking forward to Adam S and his father Declan visiting us on the Sunday and dearly wanted to find some decent fishing to reward them for their long drive from Co. Kildare.
After all, this was to be only the second MD’s International meeting, following my trip to Newts.

A Quick tour of the Creamery stretch and the Erne near Bakersbridge revealed a river pushing through and water levels far in excess of our April visit!
Eating (or trying to in my case!) at the 7 Horseshoes in Belturbet Main Street, we decided to pre-bait our own private stretch at Eonish (if Geraldine agreed) and invite Adam there.
On going back, she readily agreed and we discovered that the self-catering boys had cancelled and apart from Franz, we were the only Guests! So the Lough was exclusively ours for the week.
I phoned Adam and made the arrangements and we set about mixing groundbait and pre-baiting the 4 swims we had fished successfully in April.

This is fairly easy, as Sean has 2 rowing boats, so we rowed out and dropped in the bait, leaving a marker float for accuracy.
The Lough has a shelf at about 20 yards out and the depth plummets from 12’ to 50’ in a sharp descent.
We found 25’ at 60 yards, and decided to prebait at a more comfortable 45 yds and 20’ depth.
We had to tip in all the groundbait, otherwise these 2 old friends would have delighted in eating it! The molasses perhaps?

We then decided, with everything settled to go into Killashandra and have a quiet pint with Jim and Joe, who run the Hayes Bar.
They are both elderly gentlemen, surprisingly popular, as they never have music or entertainment.
Wrong again!
That night, they had a Dutch Trio in
One guy on the Organ, with a range from Pop to Classical, a Guitarist, who played some brilliant versions of Shadows type solos and a girl singer that was particularly impressive with Piaff numbers!
Duty called and we were the 1st to leave (well it was 2.15 am!) and we argued on the way back about the best part of the night!
Greg favoured the girl singer, while my vote went for the quarter of an hours break caused by a faulty connection blowing the Organ up!
Fortunately, an Irishman who understood electrics was in and rewired the plug! It could only happen over there!
Mind you, Jims dance with the singer also had to be witnessed to be believed!

Breakfast at 9.00 was not a noisy affair and soon after, we set up our kit, after the massive walk of 50 yds!
However, the walk was interrupted by the fact that the house cat had added his contribution!
We were to find one of these waiting every morning!

Here’s Greg setting up.
You may recognise the swim from our earlier trip in April.

I used my Powerloop quiver, with a free running cage feeder, 8lb braid and 3.6lb hooklength, short at just 18” and a 611 size 18.
Greg had his new Method feeder Leeda rod (Used Tackles mail order £80 special for the feeder and carp waggler duo) 8lb braid to a 15’ 5lb shock leader on a looped cage rig, with a 3’ 3lb bottom tied to a 14.
First cast, feeding groundbait mix with caster and sweetcorn and 2 red maggots, I landed a small Perch!
2nd and 3rd, identical! and I began to relax that my fears over Adam not catching were receding.
However, Perch is not what we came for!

Then Greg caught this Bream, so we both relaxed a bit.

At around 11.30, Adam S and his father Declan joined us having driven up from Co. Kildare, through the rain!
Thus we achieved the Maggot Drowners 2nd International meeting and I was really grateful for their effort, considering the fishing conditions and the weather.
After handshakes, introductions and a bit of the inevitable craic, Adam set up his gear.

Here he is on the feeder, with Declan watching.
Note the sky behind!

Yes, It wasn’t long before we experienced the most horrific downpour and were totally cut off from each other under our umbrellas!
Well, in Greg’s case two Umbrellas’ and this photo doesn’t really depict the size of the raindrops, or the height of the wind whipped waves that we faced!

We huddled miserably in solitude for over ½ an hour, but then the rain relented and although we had further showers, nothing quite the same again.

Adam dried out by talking to his new friends!

Declan tried his hand at spinning as did I, and we discussed the various lures that I had brought from my trip to Newts, whilst Adam showed me his favourites and the ones used in his previous enjoyable posts!
I’m willing to learn from anyone who can catch 22 Perch in a spinning session and happily gave Adam a couple of soft lures for him to experiment.
However, today, no takes on the Spin!

Adam then caught this Bream and declared that, much to my relief! he was now satisfied that the trip had been worthwhile.

All to soon, (but not before Declan had cooked us all bacon sandwiches and politely refused my offer of coffee making, a trip to town for a drink, in fact with allowing me to provide anything!) the evening drew on.
Here’s the goodbye photo of the 3 of us, just prior to their departure.

If you ever go across the Sea to Ireland! As the song say’s, forget Galway Bay! Go and visit Kildare, Adam and Declan.
Two more charming and friendly people, you’ll not find!
Thanks for your company lads and as I write, I hope Adam is achieving his Catfish dream on the Spanish Ebro!

As for our fishing?
Well Greg ended with these.

And Adam, Declan and I?
Not as many!

A quick trip into Killashandra for food and an early night as we had decided to try Dumb Lake on the Monday in a quest for the Tench and Carp, if the old rumour was correct!

We knew from our brief observation during our tour to find a venue for Adam, that the descent to the lake was steep!

However, it was not until we actually attempted it, that we realised just how steep it was.
The Irish Regional fishing board have constructed a wooden walkway, with 5 platforms, all interconnected.
However, the rain had turned the approach into a bog and I more than once went in up to my knees, struggling to the walkway! Thankfully I was wearing my waders.

Looking back up the hill, I began to worry about ever getting up it again!

Here’s the Lake

Greg chose to fish the 2nd peg in from the right and I chose the centre one to spin from and the farthest left to set up a waggler, fishing into a nice clearing in the weeds.
All the Lake was weeded in places and looked Tench perfect.

Feeding a few balls of groundbait, I started on the waggler, 4lb line, 2.6 bottom, and 16 hook and was quickly catching Rudd!
Beautiful fish, absolutely unmarked and a bite a chuck!
Greg on the Pole was experiencing the same, but of a smaller standard, as mine ran to ½ a lb, every 6th fish or so!
This is my view of Greg on the Pole

After a while, I heard him shout and a big splash come from the right!
Whilst reeling in a rudd, he had lost it to ‘a massive Pike’, which had snapped his line and taken the fish!
‘First Pike bite I’ve had on the Pole’ he said, still unnerved by the deed!
I quickly brought out my spinning rod and unsuccessfully spun through his swim.
We concurred that the Pike was fed now and no longer interested.

I moved to the centre peg and tried spinning there, but with no joy, when Greg after 3 or 4 more Rudd, had the same swirl, but this time was fast enough to retrieve the fish.
I moved to him and cast out the lure that had caught me fish recently at Grimleys, as reported.
On the second spin, a cracking take, that resulted in 2 seconds of fight and then my 14lb Fireline snapped like Cotton! Taking my Lure, Daz’s new Braid/Wire trace and all my end tackle!
Why oh! Why hadn’t I checked the line, instead of just the Terminal set-up!
I suppose you get complacent after the run of success I had had with this Berkeley line!

Hoping the Pike would shed the lure quickly; I went back to the float rod and carried on catching Rudd.
Greg changed to a waggler and also caught.
Shortly afterwards, he again experienced a Pike chase and asked to borrow my spinner.
Changing the trace to a conventional Pike one, he hooked on a small Rudd and simply wobbled it through the swim!
1st try and he successfully took this 4lb Pike!

He was to have 3 more, 2 around 3lbs and a small Jack throughout the day.
We had arrived at 5.00 am and at 8.30 went back (3 miles) for breakfast, leaving our kit at the peg. (You can in Ireland and that hill would deter any potential tackle thieves)
We did move the kit to make it unseen from above, but had no real fears for it.

Returning, we fished through the day, with the lake always promising Tench!
Bubbles appeared, the occasional fish topped with a splash, Carp-like, out in the centre, but we only caught Rudd, the occasional Perch and very rarely, a small Roach!
Once a Pike swirled in my swim, but only the once, whilst Greg had it every 5th fish.

The Lake switched off for periods, quite mysteriously, suddenly for an hour or two, it would go completely dead.
Then the Rudd would return!
Here’s a Pristine Rudd.

We decided to try once again on Tuesday morning, and piled in Groundbait after raking both swims.

The Tench had to be there in the morning!
Again, abandoning our kit overnight! We ended Monday.

Tuesday dawned Bright and clear and we again hit Dumb Lake at 5.00 am
Immediately catching Rudd, No Tench made an appearance!

I fished until the Rudd went off at around 7.00 and then copied Greg’s Pike method and wobbled a Rudd through my swim and the 3rd.
8.30 and we decided to go back for breakfast, which led to a strange happening for me!

In front of me was about 3 ft of dense weed and to keep my dead Rudd reasonably moist, I laid it on the very nearside edge of the thick matted weed and then faced the journey back up the hill.

After my Porridge, enviously watching Greg tuck into a full Irish breakfast, (Bacon, Sausage, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, black and white pudding) preceded by fruit juice, cereals and followed by toast DOH! we made our way back to Dumb Lake.
Picking up the float rod! And yes the Rudd were back.

It wasn’t for some time, that I decided to have another attempt at a pike. Then I lay down the float rod and picked up the Spinning rod, only to find some resistance?
Where was the Rudd?

The line disappeared into the weed bed.
Pulling hard, the line came free and on the end was only a chewed wire trace!
Unbelievably, I concluded, that during my hour away, a Pike had homed in on the juice of the Rudd, forced it’s way through that tangled mass of vegetation and taken the deadbait!
It had then had time to chew through the 20lb tracewire!
I would not have believed it possible and regretted leaving the tackle in this way, which I will never do again, but a hard way to learn a lesson, so please take heed from my experience, all you Pike men.

Shortly afterwards came Greg’s finest hour.

I had moved to the Central Peg and was trying a spinner again.
I had taken my chair and stood to cast, sitting down to leisurely retrieve, as not much was stirring.

On the final occasion I did this, the rear two chair legs slid off the platform on the slippery wood and I toppled backwards into the lake!

Now my kids grew up with Chris Tarrant’s TISWAS on Saturday mornings.
Often I would find them lying on their backs, kicking their legs in the air, doing ‘The Dying Fly’!
I was trapped in exactly that predicament!
Try It!
With the chair seat forcing your legs up in the air, you are totally immobile and can get no leverage for recovery! All you can do is kick impotently!

AND Scream!
I was slowly sinking into the Lake and screaming came easily!
Greg hurried up, gave me his hand and after a short while I was able to scramble back onto the platform, with heartfelt relief.
Wearing waterproof trousers, waders and my top jacket, it was only my left arm that got soaked and I quickly removed my jacket and dried out.

Well something drastic had to happen!
It was my birthday!

Greg admitted (but only in front of the Girls at the end of our holiday) that the hardest part of it all for him was trying not to laugh and that when he returned to his peg, he almost bit his tongue through in silent hysterics!
Well that’s kids for you!

A day and a half of Rudd bashing was enough for us, and so in the early afternoon, we decided to quit Lough Dumb and try elsewhere.

The removal of our kit was similar to the preparation for an Everest assault!
After packing, we took the kit in stages, off the platform, through the Marsh and then Greg made the 1st attempt!
I could literally only move 1 piece at a time, keeping my balance with the other hand, for the 1st half of the ascent, so I kept making ‘Base Camps’, each one 10 yds on from the last.
Even then, for the last vertical climb, it was as much as I could do to get myself up that damned hill.
Verdict on Dumb Lough? A pleasant little lake, with enjoyable pegs, that could be Great if the mysterious Tench and Carp show, or have the Pike got them all?

Back towards Eonish and by sheer coincidence, we pulled up at Tullyguide Lough.

‘I’ll text Toma’ I said to Greg, ‘He was in Ireland last week’
‘Where’s Fishing Andy’ I sent by mobile.
Back came this cryptic reply
‘Town, Tullyguide, Talk to the horse!’
Well Town meant Town Lough, Killashandra, Tullyguide we were standing at, but the Horse?
Yeah, we understood, Greg was already in fear of its teeth, which it displayed at every opportunity!

Well, it was late Tuesday, so we resolved to set up at 1st light and fish Tullyguide.
In to Belturbet, a pint or two at the Widows, whilst we awaited a Chinese Takeaway from the Rose Lawn, two doors down.
This is one of the best Chinese Takeaways, I have experienced anywhere! And it has the added bonus, that having had a drink, you go and order your takeaway (Commonly called a carry-out in Ireland).
Telling the man that you are in the Widows means that he brings you your meal when it’s ready!
Nice Service and Specials at 8 Euros, with fried Rice extra at just 40 cents? (Less than 30p Stirling!)

Wednesday was a washout!
Early awakening, the rain was coming down!
Back to sleep and up at 9.00 for breakfast, still raining!
So, we took a trip to Cavan Town, visited the Tourist Office for Maps, and had a meal for a change and I phoned Dave Scouse!
Acting on his advice, we went out to Bakersbridge, only to find 4 disillusioned Blackpool Anglers leaving the described pegs. They had fished all day for one Bream!

Touring Lough Oughter, we visited Rann, Castle River and a host more swims and pegs.
Everywhere was the same story, River and fed Loughs high and the fishing the hardest for many a year.
Pulling up beside a minibus that bore a Sheffield Corporation logo, a corpulent Angler simply said ‘Crap’, before we even asked the question!
However, information, or lack of it was freely discussed and only one man, an old chap from Mansfield was really depressed.
On his first visit and only filling in a place at the last moment, he was the only guy to say he would never return!
Perhaps the magic in the air had not yet permeated his soul as it has mine.
Perhaps he learnt it by the end of the week?

Everyone else shrugged and said ‘Just the weather! Better next year’

Encouraged by this, I looked at Greg and he said it, C’mon Dad, lets get the kit to Tullyguide, ready for the morning’
And so we did!
Took the kit to Tullyguide, Set it up in the dusk, behind a large bush, Told the Horse to look after it and not stand on anything and as Pepys would say
‘And so to bed’

Thursday gave more hope with the weather!
Setting up two Pike rods for me, 1 for Greg (I think he had lost faith in the Pike taking deadbait in these conditions, we both started fishing the feeder, over the groundbait we had catapulted in the night before.
The depth here, although 12-15’, is not as daunting as the 25’ found at our Eonish lodge swims and so we hoped the temperature would be better.
So, it proved, as we quickly caught a succession of Perch, Roach, Bream and for the 1st time this year, hybrids!
These sterile cross between Roach and Bream give a much better account of themselves than the true species.
For those of you who have never seen them, here’s a picture.
Notice the Roach mouth, but the dark and Breamlike fins.

This is the Tully guide Lough and I put this picture up, as I know several of my friends will recognise it.

At 6.30 am, my left hand Pike Rod Buzzer, went of in a screaming run and ran and ran and ran!
I was beside it in seconds, but it would not stop!
Then it slowed, I picked up the rod and it started off again.
At a loss as to know what to do, I struck and was rewarded with a curved rod.
However, it didn’t feel very big for the strength of the run, and it was immaterial anyway, as just as quickly as I hit it, I pulled out, retrieving everything, but the bait!
I have not experienced such a long run before, but if it happens again, am resolved to wait for the stop, next time!

Greg then put out his second Pike rod!
He then hit on the feeder, what he thought was a much better fish, and after gently playing it in, was disgusted to find this!

Not a Fan of Eels, I had to unhook it and it went back.

Then another bizarre happening.

My buzzer gave a single bleep.
On moving to it, I felt the line, but nothing!
A second bleep! Nothing felt!
Fearing another eel, I wound in and discovered this, hanging on the end of my line!

Now this little critter, when I held him up, opened his mouth and dropped neatly off the hook! he had not been hooked, but just held on!
AND he had a 4-5oz rudd inside him, but still managed to avoid being hooked, when he didn’t weigh 1lb himself!
Voracious? And a bit!

Well, fishing was good and bad in turns, but at the end of the day, Greg had this 12 and ½ lb bag.

Whereas I for the first time this week, beat him by a pound!

We packed up at Tullyguide and reset everything up at Eonish, as we had decided to fish our original swim for the last day and Saturday morning.
We had determined to pile in all our surplus groundbait and that left us by Franz, in an effort to bring the fish in.
Here’s the massive bait load that we took out and dropped over just two swims, much to the donkeys disgust! (Probably they could smell the molasses!)

There was nearly 30 kilo there!
Friday for me was a total anticlimax!
Drizzle drove me off the peg at 8.00 after 2 hours for 3 Perch.
Back to bed feeling unwell after breakfast, I didn’t start fishing again until the afternoon and the best thing was the continued visits for maggots of this beautiful, white-headed Pied Wagtail, with obviously a hungry brood to feed!

In the late afternoon, our pre-baiting rewarded Greg with this 3lb 11 oz Bream, sad to say, our best of the week.

So that left Saturday morning!

Up early to find rain again!
By breakfast, we gave up any attempt to fish and taking the gear into the garage, cleaned, dried and carefully sorted our kit, for our departure!
Taking back 5 empty gallon maggot containers to McMahon, we collected the 15 Euro refund and happily drank it away at Hayes bar, although I was to return at Elaine’s insistence for her to also greet the Brothers!

Heading to Limavady, I allowed Greg to drive and slept through the 2-hour journey.
That night, we went to the Belmont to say goodbye to Ireland with the girls and I at last relinquished my Maggotdrowners shirts for my gift from Andy!

We learnt that while we were away, the Girls had won £50 in a karaoke Competition, which was subsequently put on Teletext on Channel9 the local N.I. channel!
BUT being Irish, it was different.

Evidently, they were the last to sing.
However, all the acts that received good applause were put into a hat and the winner was drawn out of the hat!
As the draw was made at official closing time, the last 3 acts were assumed to get applause and their names put in the hat!
Subsequently, the girls were drawn as the winners, BEFORE they even sung!
Elaine tells me they were terrible, but there was nowt left of the 50 quid!

It could only happen in Ireland!
And Finally, (Much to your relief I’m Sure)

Before I leave Limavady, let me show you a small part of British Tradition.

At School, we all learnt of the song, ‘The Londonderry Air’
Better known as ‘Oh Danny Boy’ and popularised, (or massacred!) by Barry McGuigans Father at his fights, the Londonderry air was from Limavady in the County of Londonderry, not the City.

In the Main Street, is this mural, that describes a lady writing down the tune, played by a blind fiddler every Thursday, the local market day.
From this beginning, the music has spread to International fame!

So that was Ireland in June! And as we made our way back to Dublin, I reflected that although the fishing was hard and the weather poor, I had thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
I always do!



ZiptrevShouldn't happen to a DOG!

Edited by - Ziptrev on 13 July 2002 02:42:02 AM

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'Lures Rule!!'


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19 January 2002

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  03:21:49 AM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Newt to your friends list

Trev - sounds like 1) great folks 2) good fishing (or at least good often enough to be fun) 3) good company.

My guess would be you really enjoyed yourself.

That early pic with the nice weedy area made me wish to be on the bank with a surface lure tossed out and given a gentle "pop" about once a minute or so. My bet is that grandmother pike would have blasted it before too long - just because it irritated her beyond tolerance.

And you really gotta fish with some of those soft plastics instead of just giving them away. They do catch fish, truly they do.

Newt Vail

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Roving Reporter

United Kingdom

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05 October 2001

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  06:28:16 AM  Show Profile  Visit Ziptrev's Homepage Bookmark this reply Add Ziptrev to your friends list

Yeah, it really was a great time.
As for the softs, when I get round to it I will.
My priority is to catch barbel at the moment and until thats acheived, I'm not going predator fishing.
I pulled out of 3 on thursday, using Kahle hooks amongst others, so its back to the drawing board.
As for Granny Pike on that lake, I pulled that floating frog 200 times over the top of those lilies!!, the only thing that worked was dead and live Rudd!


ZiptrevShouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Geoff P
The grumpy one!!

South Yorkshire

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02 December 2001

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  06:44:48 AM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Geoff P to your friends list

Our roving reporter waxing lyrical again.

A great report Trev, felt like I was there with you.
But why no picture of the Zippy washing his chair?

RSSG member - are you?
Clean Banks Campaign member

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Roving Reporter

United Kingdom

Member Since
05 October 2001

Posts: 1482

Posted - 13 July 2002 :  06:52:51 AM  Show Profile  Visit Ziptrev's Homepage Bookmark this reply Add Ziptrev to your friends list

Basically Geoff, 'cos I find imminent drowning is not conducive to good picture taking!
Apart from that minor detail, I don't know why I didnt pull out the camera and ask Greg to take the picture!
Panic? sinking feelings?



ZiptrevShouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Life Member

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11 August 2001

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  07:01:25 AM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add MALC to your friends list


Well worth the wait to read of your enjoyment on this Irish trip i can not think of a better was to unwind after my night shift spent stocktaking.

Thanks for the great effort that you put into all your reports as i know how much time and effort they take me and mine are no where near your standard.

Fish with Friends @

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Red Leader

West Yorkshire

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08 August 2001

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  07:41:27 AM  Show Profile  Visit Dave's Homepage Bookmark this reply Add Dave to your friends list

Excellent read Trev - Look at the time, now I'm going to be late for work again, must fly.......


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South Yorkshire

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18 September 2001

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  11:46:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit Peter's Homepage Bookmark this reply Add Peter to your friends list

Top report from our top reporter,
I feel positivley waterlogged after reading it,no need to go to Ireland to get soaked
I feel worn out just reading about it,Is that the time???? got to go and get the bait for tomorrow.

Make Friends,Go Maggotdrowning.

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Life Member

South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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12 April 2002

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Posted - 13 July 2002 :  11:39:38 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add teepee to your friends list

Trev exellent report as ever, shame about the weather but glad to see your spirits were not dampened, see i told to take your water-proof chair [lol].
look forward to fishing with you soon.
All the Best.


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Adam S
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10 March 2002

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Posted - 14 July 2002 :  01:55:37 AM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Adam S to your friends list


trev, just glad to be there enoyed every second rain wind and all
and thanks for inviting us.

newt, dont worry i will give your lures a good home.

good luck

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United Kingdom

Member Since
09 March 2002

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Posted - 14 July 2002 :  8:57:30 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Polepot to your friends list

Trev well worth the wait you have the ability to entertain through the written word and occasionally with your "mishaps"


Great info, great guys, great fun, thats Maggot Drowners

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15 April 2002

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Posted - 15 July 2002 :  10:24:50 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add scales to your friends list

Hello Ziptrev sorry to read that the weather never improved for your visit, great report by the way. When you say that the self catering boys had cancelled,is that at Eonish Lodge ?? I thought that they only did b+b.

Thanks mate,


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Stu Dav


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30 May 2002

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Posted - 15 July 2002 :  10:36:26 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Stu Dav to your friends list

Dear Ziptrev

Top report and even better pictures ( I like pictures )
Well impresed.

Keep smiling

Stu Dav.

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Posted - 16 July 2002 :  12:14:21 AM  Show Profile  Visit Ziptrev's Homepage Bookmark this reply Add Ziptrev to your friends list

They have a cracking self catering house as well,
We only used the 5 bedrooms in the main wing!
I think there are 2 or 3 more in an Annexe!!!
Thanks all for kind comments, Glad you enjoyed
PS Andy, had to have a photo with my Guinness T-Shirt!
Wehay mon, much appreciated!


ZiptrevShouldn't happen to a DOG!

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