Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)

  Fact File: British Record 39lb 2oz (17.747kg)
  Captor:    Mr Kevin Ballard  
  Location: Horton Church Lake, Slough, Berks
  Year:       19th June 2002
Grass C


The Grass Carp also known as White Amur, was originally introduced into the UK from China for the purpose of controlling aquatic plants of which it can consume in large quantities. It has a long, mildly flat sided body covered with large scales, colouring similar to but lighter than the Wild Carp, with a golden lustre. The Grass Carp can grow over 1metre in length and reach weights in excess of 30kg. It  can occasionally be found in ponds, lakes and medium to slow flowing rivers.

A simply stunning fish... The British Record was taken by 35-year-old Tackle Box employee Kev Ballard from East Grinstead who fished the 'One Up' swim on the Horton Church Lake fishery. 

Kevin presented a Nutrabaits cranberry Big Fish Mix boilie on a stiff hinged pop-up rig over a bed of Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hemp and crushed tigers and beat the fish on 12lb Daiwa Sensor line.



These fish are highly effective biological controls of nuisance weed and algae problems. Stocking rates for Grass Carp need to be carefully assessed for each body of water. These fish have voracious appetites and overstocking can result in the removal of too much aquatic vegetation. If the Grass Carp consume too many plants, important habitat is destroyed, and other fish populations can be adversely effected. Stocking rates vary between 5 and 15 fish per acre depending on the amount and type of vegetation, depth and age of the pond, and the type of water supply feeding the pond. Sterile or triploid grass carp are the only type of grass carp that can be legally stocked in many waters in the US and Europe. This is due to concerns over the potential impact they may have on sensitive aquatic habitats if their reproduction is not controlled. In the warmer months, the Grass Carp can consume the equivalent to it's own body weight, daily.

Methods of Capture. The Grass Carp is not usually fished for as a targeted species but is often caught accidentally when fishing for others. 




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