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Saffron Walden Angling Club
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Description Saffron Walden Angling Club existed initially around the start of the 1900's with a club that used the now long gone lake that was part of Shortgrove Hall at Newport. The lake was effectively a weir controlled section of the river Cam, Now of course long gone, however the old lakes outline can still be seen. The Club obviously disbanded long before living memory.

The present club started in 1960 when a group of anglers in the town managed to secure the fishing lease on Newport pit, I don't have all the names of those involved but two I know of are the late Cyril Swann and Stan Oxley who were involved with the club's management for many years.

Over the years the club has added and relinquished water to the current offering of three stillwaters and two river stretches. For more details see our fisheries page.

The aim of the clubs stillwater management with it's two most local waters has been to develop truly mixed fisheries with something to satisfy most anglers
Saffron Walden, Essex
United Kingdom
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