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White Springs Fishery, 17th February 2002


Garnswllt Road, Pontardulais, Swansea SA4 1QG 
Telephone 01792 885699. 

Facilities:  35-acre complex comprising five lakes. Tackle Shop, disabled facilities, holiday accommodation, 
Species  :  

The 5-acre match lake and 41/2-acre specimen coarse lake, plus smaller lakes for young anglers, are stocked with top quality fish. These include common carp to 31lb, mirror carp to 24lb, bream to 9lb, tench to 81/2lb, leather carp to 34lb, golden tench to 3lb, golden orfe to 31/2lb and roach to 3lb.
Permits  :  Please contact the fishery for up-to-date prices

Date: Sunday 17th February 2002.
Location: White Springs Fishery
Mission: To catch fish (pleeeeese)
Combatants: Geoff Palmer and David Thomas

My apologies to any budding John Grishams but here is my little tome on yesterdays outing.

I awoke to the sound of the cat meowing, an awful din, at 6.30am. I thought I might as well get up even though I wasn't meeting Dai until 8.45. Breakfast and coffee was the first order of the day, then the ulcer tablets. Before leaving the house a quick check on Maggot Drowning to see what was happening.

We were meeting at Junction 47 on the M4, the Penllergaer junction. It was only a ten-minute drive from here to the fishery. 

I thought I would get to the meeting place early so left the house at twenty past eight and arrived at half past to find Dai already waiting for me. A quick hand shake, a short chat and I led the way to White Springs Fishery, which is just outside Pontardulais, near Swansea.

After paying for the days fishing we went down to the lakes. I decided we should fish the Horseshoe pleasure lake, as I knew there would be a good chance of catching. 

From my previous trips to the fishery I knew of two good spots to fish. One was on the far side of the lake, fishing into brambles and trees tight to the margins, but only one swim there, so decided to fish a channel which would give us both an equal chance of catching.

I set up a pole with 10 or 12 elastic (I forget which now) to fish at 9 metres, while Dai set his up with I believe 8 elastic. He said he hadn't used a pole very much, and not being cruel, it is fair to say that for the first hour it did seem clumsy in his hands. As the day progressed he got really proficient. "Practice Makes Perfect".

He really showed me up in the last hours fishing though taking small carp at will. It seems my threat that out fishing me meant an early bath held no fears for him. But I digress.

I tend not to use ground bait here during the winter, usually relying on loose fed maggots fishing caster over the top. Today caster had no effect. Single red maggot fished tight to the bottom soon had Gudgeon biting. The Gudgeon were a nice size too, some of the fish running to 3 - 3 ounces. I had several of these then a couple of small Rudd, held in the maggot death grip.

Finally the small Carp starting feeding and I took a couple to 4 - 6 ounces. It must be said that Dai had the biggest fish of the day a Carp of about half a pound.

Dai meanwhile was having trouble hooking the fish, then losing them near the bank. I think this came about as he put the pole onto the roller. But you can't keep a good man down and before long he also started reeling in Gudgeon and small Rudd. He also got the carp going and although the sport wasn't as frantic as it can get at White Springs we caught plenty of fish. 

The rain came and went during the day, and it wasn't that warm but the fish were biting. I had lots of line bites and I tried fishing up in the water to no effect, so back down to the bottom. I then started fishing at 11 metres tight to some weed. In the past I have hooked some good fish at this swim but if they get into the weeds its goodbye and try again. This time I was just catching Gudgeon and small Carp consistently. I had one good take but lost it as it got into weed. Never mind.

Dai meanwhile was quietly bagging up. My line went fairly quiet during the last hour, just catching the occasional fish, but Dai had used a couple of balls of ground bait, and with regularly feeding through his pole cup started putting together a good little bag of carp. We didn't count the fish we caught but I should think that in the last half hour of fishing Dai had 10 Carp of about 4 - 6 ounces.

It must be said that we didn't chat all day, just two guys enjoying the fishing. We had spells of chat, interspersed with a few laughs, and periods of quiet concentration, thinking how to catch more and bigger fish. In the end at about 4.20, the weather settled in to a stiff drizzle, I got snagged and my rig tangled, so we packed up.

We packed the cars and made our way back to Junction 47 to see Dai on his way back to Rhondda.

Dai, I had a really enjoyable day, made better by your company. I am glad you caught fish, (I didn't throw you in for catching better than me because you were already a bit wet from the rain) I do hope we can meet up on a regular basis, and you never know get young Rob from Neath along. Next time it is my turn to travel.

As I final thought, there must be more people in the Swansea, Bridgend area on Maggot Drowning, or staying in the shadows just lurking. Come and join in the fun, and go fishing with us. We really are nice guys you know.

PS (for our Welsh readers)- I hardly mentioned the Rugby at all. Well not much.





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