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The Willows, 31st May 2001


Boroughbridge Road, Nr Poppleton, York, N. Yorkshire. YO26 8JU
Telephone: 01904 738206


2 Lakes. Most pegs are within easy reach of the car park. 
Open 7am until dusk
Species  :  Rudd, Roach, Perch, Tench, Bream, Barbel, Chub, Golden Orfe, Crucian Carp, Mirror, Common, Ghost and Grass Carp, Catfish
Permits  :  Day Ticket- 5.00, Juveniles/OAP's 4.00, After 4.00pm 4.00
Purchased on the bank.

The Team had been to this fishery once before, to compete in a match on the second lake, so it was now time to try it out pleasure fishing. The weather wasn't up to expectations with a stiff, cold wind coming across the fields but being one of the first on the fishery this morning, we had the pick of both lakes. 
The largest of the two lakes is situated in front of the owner's house, more than your average garden pond. It is surrounded with mature trees, contains several islands and plenty of cover for the fish with a few weed beds in the shallower water. The second lake is designed with the match angler in mind with one central island facing all pegs some 10-15 metres away. The temptation was too much, the favoured pegs for matches are numbers 6 to 13 with peg number 9 being a 'flyer'. There was no one on those pegs so off we went. I took peg 9 (not being the selfish type :-) whilst Stuart took peg number 11. 
My peg faced the end of the island but also had the bonus of a nearside reed bed which just happened to be rustling, not in the wind but because of several Carp moving within it. Tackled up, pole, fished tight to the reeds at 30inches depth, double maggot on a size 18 and 6.6lb line straight through, my target was those Carp. 
Stuart on the other hand chose to fish tight up to the island, hoping to pick up patrolling fish in the warm, shallow water. 
It didn't take long before my float sailed away not with a Carp but a Tench around 8oz. Several more came within short succession and the occasional Rudd. Peg 11 was quiet though apart from the odd muttering from the bank (tee hee). My float disappeared once again this time with a nice Mirror Carp of around 3lb. It took everything to prevent it from diving into the reeds where I had been assured by the owner, that that is where they all head for. This one came to my waiting landing net but the next one didn't. The float slid away, I pulled into what seemed like a hefty fish, and bang straight into the reeds. The fish was gone.

It was now mid-day and by now the wind had increased and reports were coming from the other lake of 'a fish a chuck' so we had to go and see. Sure enough, the lake was virtually still with little or no wind and Rudd and the occasional Carp were being caught all around.
It was decided, it was time to move. We moved our tackle around to take advantage of two sheltered pegs either side of an overhanging Willow Tree. 
Maggots resulted in several small Rudd but we were also pestered by Sticklebacks. A change of bait to Castor fished with Castor and Hemp as loose feed soon resulted in a better class of fish. A steady stream of Rudd, Skimmer Bream, Tench and the bonus Carp came to the net. The fishing was in complete contrast to the other lake which just goes to show how the wind chill effect on the water can make such a difference. 
It wasn't long before with steady feeding we managed to attract a reasonable shoal of Rudd and Skimmers which were feeding avidly in front of the Willow. The fish became so keen that every time the loose feed hit the water, the surface erupted. A quick change in shot patterns to fish on the drop and the use of 'older' castors as hook bait which in turn compensated for the weight of the line and hook and we were literally getting a fish a chuck.

Taking into account the cold wind and the occasional heavy showers, the fishing was very good with everybody on the larger lake catching. Our fish alone must have accounted for some 25 to 30lb in weight. Not bad for an afternoon's work.



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