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My 31/2 lb Tench


Railway Pond, off Tadcaster Road, York.


General:   A small pond of about 4 acres available on day-ticket
Species  :   Carp, Bream, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Perch.
Permits  :  Day Ticket- 2.00, Purchased on the bank.


This wasn't the first time that I had fished this water, having previously had three 5 hour sessions always in the same peg and without a single bite, however I wasn't going to give up!
I knew that there were good fish in there and had just bought a new whip so keen to catch a good fish, I just had to keep trying.

4th time lucky! I got 2 perch, 2 tench (1lb and 11/2 lb) and then this lovely tench  weighing in at just over 31/2 lb. I caught it on worm, on a size 16 hook to 3.2lb nylon, floating about 9-10 feet beneath the surface and 12 feet out very close to some reeds. It took the bait well and shot straight for the reeds!

I managed to play it out just as it managed to get it's head into them. It then turned and shot the opposite way straight into the reeds at the opposite side to my peg. Again I managed to play it out, expecting it to throw the hook or snap off at anytime. More by luck than skill, I managed to get it into the side only to find that I had put my coat in my landing net...aaaaargh!

It's head had just come out of the water when my mate Steve (quick off his toes) managed to get the net under it without spooking it - something to be said about teamwork.

It was an enjoyable 5 hours and it's only  2.00 a day. It seems to fish well early morning or late evening.



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