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Undisclosed Lake, 24th June 2001


Can't give for Legal reasons, besides that it wouldn't be fair if it was just one of those 'off' days.

How to build a bad fishery

Any resemblance to a fishery near you is purely coincidental


Most pegs were easily accessed. 
No fishing restrictions, just pleased to see you.
Species  :  
Allegedly: Carp, Bream, Tench, Gudgeon, Rudd, Roach, Perch, Crucian Carp.
Permits  :  Day Ticket- Purchased on the bank

Here we were assembled on the bank of what appeared to be promising fishery. The sun was starting to appear from behind the thin clouds, the forecast was good and Carp could be seen cruising under the surface.
Altogether there were thirty plus anglers all signed up for the day's match and the conversation indicated a promising day. The draw was made and off we all went to our respective pegs, our little piece of the fishery, for the next six hours.

The fishery consisted of a lake with  islands, several marginal Lilly and Reed beds and depths averaging six feet. Several Carp could be seen in the region of 5-10lb cruising the surface and Rudd were topping all around. 

The shout went out and we were off. The initial choice of tackle was a small crystal waggler, with red maggot fished on the drop. This was cast out to four lengths out over a thinly spread loose smattering of maggots. It was looking good, a few missed bites later and a Rudd soon fell to the maggot's charms. Out it went again. If the Rudd could be encouraged to feed energetically, I would try to coax them a bit nearer and swap to the pole.
It went dead, the bites just stopped, was it something that I had done, had the fish become disturbed, was I alone? Either side of me was the same, it appeared that all around the promising start had just stopped. The sun was out in all it's glory, was that the reason?

To my left was a small clump of reeds that I had been flicking a few maggots into; so I thought I would try that. Again, nothing, not even a touch. It must be the maggots, this was a fresh batch and maybe their training wasn't up to scratch. A change to castor and lets start again. 
A large Carp was picking at the surface, 5 lengths out, I lengthened my line beneath the float, a couple of Castors on a size 16 and out towards the fish. The line landed softly, the bait about 2 foot away, this was it. No it wasn't, the Carp swam by, frustration was now setting in.
Bread had to be the answer. A few pieces were thrown out initially to see if there was any interest from the Rudd or Carp. The bread just floated away with the slight drift, not even attracting a look. A few more pieces went out, I'll keep an eye on them while I set up a feeder and see if I could find a Tench or two.

To my left about 50 foot away was an island, the same to my right. The sun was on the water at the side of the island on the right so I let a well aimed feeder loaded with chopped worm and a Dendro on the hook, land quietly into the water near it's margins. I sat, I waited, I sat, I waited, a twitch, a knock - strike, and in came a Tench around 8oz. Into the net it went to join the lonely Rudd and  the feeder went back to island. That was it, it must have been a loner or it's pals must have been scared because again everything was quiet. 
So lets try the side of the other island I thought. Again nothing; it wasn't just me either, all around was the same, the odd fish coming in now and again, Carp cruising the surface with no intention of feeding which must in turn be spooking the Rudd.

Time was now moving on, the sun was now blazing down and still nothing was feeding. The array of baits that I had gone through, combinations and methods, were all in vain. Then it happened, a twitch on my feeder rod, there's a big chunk of luncheon meat out there being nibbled by a Carp, another twitch, followed shortly by another and another, "what's happening" I asked myself? At the next twitch, I struck and in came the culprit, a Rudd about 2oz! On meat? That was a first.

Time was called, and not before time. The winner had caught three small Carp and a few Rudd for 9lb 10oz, over half my fellow anglers had blanked but why? Was it the sun, was it the Carp disturbing the rest or was it just a lack of fish in general?

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(Any resemblance to a fishery near you is purely coincidental - Honest!)



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