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Izaak Walton Fishery, Saturday 30th April 2002


Chebsey, Stafford, Staffordshire. ST21 6JU
Telephone 01785 761535

Facilities:  3 Lakes, easy access, Toilets on site.
Some purpose built pegs.
Species  :  
Carp, Bream, Tench, Chub, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Crucian Carp.
Brown Trout, Pike, Dace, Chub on the river section
Permits  :  Day Ticket: 3.50 - 1 Rod, 6 - 2 Rods, Juniors (-16) 2.50, 4.50 
Purchased on the bank.

Just a stone's throw from the back garden of Izaak Walton's cottage in the rural Staffordshire village of Chebsey is the Izaak Walton Fishery. Surrounded by 43 acres of farmland, it comprises of three main pools which offer a variety of angling to suit everyone from novice to specimen angler.
The bottom of the site is bounded by the River Sow, which Izaak Walton actually used to fish, and a 500 metre length of this is available on the day ticket.

For the past few months a thread on the forums had grown with excitement when two of the regular members, Geoff and Ray, decided to post their intentions of going to Izaak's for a quiet day's fishing as a prelude to a holiday - BIG MISTAKE !
Before long their plans were thwarted when another 19 decided they were going to join them for an in-promtu fish-in.
The day was arranged, the meeting time was set and the excitement grew until the day came and we all descended upon Staffordshire.

Click to EnlargeStu and I following a 2 hour motorway journey and ahead of time, decided to once again to pay Stafford's local Asda a visit for a pre-fishin breakfast. Little did we know that little detour was to be fated. The plans were suddenly thrown into disarray when the clutch of Stu's Mondeo decided it no longer wanted to co-operate - enter one 'Very Nice Man'.

A few phone calls later and Trev (another very nice man ) came from the fishery, leaving his tackle and the fishing, to pick us up whilst the ill-fated car was in the garage awaiting a quote for repair.

Soon after we arrived at the car park and made our way down to the bottom lake to find that most pegs were taken but a couple remained for which we headed. The fish were feeding albeit slowly but that didn't seem important, the sun was shining and the conversations amongst the anglers was buzzing as though everyone had found their long lost friends. Nearly an hour passed before I wet a line.
I thought that I would more than likely spend more time talking and looking around than paying attention to a float or tip so I opted for two 2.5lb TC rods, armed with free-running method feeders to 12lb mainline and a 4inch braided hooklength. Bite indication was  buzzers and hangers for any dropbacks. Bait was three grains of sweetcorn on a looped hair to form a bunch around the hook. The method-mix was a concoction of breadcrumb, fishmeal, micro-pellets and loose grains of corn.
My casting target was to be a shelf about 2-3foot from the island where I had had some previous success in an earlier visit. It was to be awkward though with a tree to my right which was in the way of a straight cast. Then as luck would have it the angler in the swim to my right decided to pack up for the day so I upped tackle and moved into his peg as it was vacated.

It was a wise move, not long after casting in the left buzzer twitched and developed into a low sound screech as the line was pulled taught across it's roller. I lifted the rod and into a carp of a couple of pounds. 
Another cast, another short wait and the hanger on the second rod fell to the ground, I struck taking up the slack and another carp came to the net. Things were looking promising.

Several more fish were being caught as I looked around but the focus of attention to many was a small group who were now dredging the bottom of the lake at the far side of the island to the sounds of "My Phone, My Phone!". Not quite Pop Idols but Wendy who had placed her phone on her lap, forgetting about it until she stood up and watched it fall into the depths.
The light-hearted banter that followed showed the true atmosphere of the day with all the jokes being passed around in what could only be described as a moment of anguish but also being taken in their true spirit.

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Photos: (1) Waxlion, Polepot & Peter,  (2)Geoff, Esox, Ray & DaiFish,  (3) DaiFish & PJ  (4) Wendy, Peter & Trevor (Click to Enlarge them)


The sun was still shining though the broken clouds and the water's surface was still warming so I decided to come away from the shelf and cast closer to the island in the hope of picking up a few fish that should have moved into the shallower, warmer water. It paid off and three more carp, again not record breakers (this year) fell to my offerings. 
There is always a concern that the sound of a feeder landing in shallow water would scare away the fish. In the first instance, maybe, but after a few casts and they notice that each splash results in food, their confidence soon returns. In the height of summer when the fish are feeding heavily, bites can sometimes come within moments of the feeders hitting the water.

The day ended with seven carp in total plus several missed bites which could possibly have been liners, often the case when in the shallows against an island. 

The time now was 4.00pm and it was decided that everyone should get together for a photo-shoot and we had a small presentation to give. Anyone of a nervous nature would be well advised not to read further but to Click Here to be returned safely to the top of the page

(Place your mouse cursor over their faces to put names to them)


The award was unanimously awarded to Trevor for his contributions to the site and in particular
 his reports and photographs that can be found in some of these articles and the forums.

Trevor being presented with the ', Special Award 2002' trophy
(Left: Trevor, Right: Dave)


Stu and I had to return back to the garage to meet up with another 'Very Nice Man' who was to load the car and all our gear onto a Relay Lorry to take us back to Leeds meanwhile the fishing and the conversations carried on, further reports of which can be read Here

All in all an excellent day was had by all, a group of strangers meeting up with one interest in common - fishing and enjoying every moment of it.


(Caution: For our younger members: This event was organised by a group of individuals, please do not make
 arrangements to meet strangers. Think safety, do not give your personal details to anyone over the internet)



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