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Docklow Pools lies between Bromyard and Leominster, Herefordshire

Tel/Fax: 01568 760256, Tackle Shop (Summer): 01568 760544


Comprising a total of nine waters, four of which are available on day-ticket
Species  :   Carp, Bream, Tench, Golden Tench, Chub, Rudd, Orfe, Roach, Eel, Catfish, Perch, Crucian Carp
Permits  :  Day Ticket- 5.00, Afternoon (after 12.00pm) 4.00, Extra rod 2.00
Purchased from the cottage.

What a weekend, John (fisherking), John (fisherprince), Ashley and myself went to Docklow after a night out in Newport, we got up a bit late, rushed to the van with our gear, and set off.
Realised half way there we had forgotten the suits, thats ok I had my comby`s, and some waterproofs, and John bought a fleece.

We had a cooker, and gas, oop`s the bloke who lent John the gas didn't give us a pipe, oh well off to the cafe for breakfast, dinner and the like.

Had a few nice carp, fisherprince had a 9lb, and lots of nice roach, then it was time to get down the River Teme.

On arrival, a quad bike came racing over the field, shotgun (in case) and shells on full view, "ooo gayve yo permishin ta fish ere" john explained he was under the impression that it belonged to a club, and we where going to pay them in the morning, "not anymore, oiym in charrggg ere" and proclaimed he wanted 20 for us to fish that evening and the following day, so we paid up and got our gear out.

Then we realised the van was stuck in the mud, after much pushing and swearing we got it out and moved it to higher ground, so off to the swims.

Baited up, and started fishing just before dark, our swim, (Ash`s and mine) was very steep, and slippery, not wanting to end up in the swim, we moved down nearer John and fisherprince, and started fishing again.

Around nine fifteen, John had a bite, struck into it, and said its not a barbel, with that, started skiing down the bank, he didnt stop, straight on to his rear end and splash, right up to his stomach in the water, "GRAY HELP GRAY HELP OOOOHHH OOHHHH AHHHHHHHH HELPPPPPPP!
john threw his rod at me, whilst trying to help I made my way over to him but by this time he had almost got out, but then went straight back in again " ooohooohohohoho" 

Once John was out I landed the fish, and John said "ALL THAT FOR A SNOTTY 5LB BREAM" by this time we where all wetting ourselves in laughter, we didnt stay on the river.

Saturday night was freezing in the van, the kids where ok they had there bags, with a ghostly radio cassette that kept turning itself on, and all sorts of weird noises, we didnt sleep much either.

Back to Docklow Sunday morning, not before driving around for miles trying to warm ourselves up, John had some great roach, so did I, plus a couple of small carp, Ashley had a bream and a roach, but again fisherprince beat us all with yet another 9lb common carp.

Photo: John (fisherprince) with a nice Carp


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