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Cromwell Lake, 28th January 2002


Cromwell, Nr Newark, Nottinghamshire. 
Telephone 01636 822425

Facilities:  1 Lake, 17 Acres, M&F Toilet Facilities, Easy Access
60 pegs, Disabled Facilities
Species  :   Carp, Pike, Tench, Bream , Perch
Permits  :  Day Ticket 5 - 7am until time displayed at the fishery
Night Fishing (7.00pm-7.00am) 5.00 

The venue.- Cromwell Lake is easy to find, (follow sign to Cromwell off A1,just a few miles N. of Newark) Lane next to farm shop in centre of Village. Sapphire lakes 1/2 mile round corner by the way, another 3 lake commercial fishery.
Cromwell is an extremely well managed 5 per 12 hour day(7-7) with night fishing allowed Friday, Saturday, Sunday - again 5 7.00pm-7.00am.
A 17 acre Lake, with 60 good pegs and space between to share many others if you go as a group.
Contains Carp 30lb + Bream, Tench,Roach, Perch and our quarry today Pike , best this year 33lbs!
Spring fed , the water amazed us in the highest gales of the year, by retaining crystal clarity, despite waves reaching sea like proportions, smashing against the north bank.
Innovative ideas at Cromwell:- pegs can be pre-booked by phone, map in Bailiffs hut showing lake contours, toilets, Free barrows for kit transport! (no need to pack a trolley, just take a good barrow man!! Well, today was again a great day and I had arranged to meet big Dave Webbo at 7.30am.
Amazingly (twice John) I was early and Dave arrived spot on time. We had planned a Trent visit, but with the extreme weather, the Trent was running over the banks in places and not only ruined our river fishing, but the fall back lake on that stretch became inaccessible as the track flooded. So desperate for a venue, on Sunday I drove 80 miles and researched Cromwell!
On arriving we made our way from the Car Park (on hands and knees through the wind) to the Bailiffs hut. There, 1 other hardy soul, quickly made his exit claiming he was going to the only sheltered peg before we had a chance! We checked the map and decided on the top left corner a longish walk, before we even knew about free barrows! Loading up we set off (well, loaded up? Dave had the barrow, all our kit and I carried his ginormous landing net!)
Arriving at pegs 42-39, we decided to fish between 40 (claimed to have been pre-booked) and 39, round the corner, as this gave us ample space to fish in comfort, close enough to chat.
Sea baits only are allowed and Dave had Herring, I a 1/3rd mackerel and a spratt that was slightly carp shaped.
Casting out, we were amazed that the water within a few feet shelved dramatically to 20 feet beneath our feet and the line angle from the rod tip was acute. The lake is spring fed and the water was crystal clear.
We set to talking and like all my experiences with meeting maggot drowners, soon were chatting away as though we had known each other for years. I believe that nearly every fishing story you hear, you can relate to. If you haven't had a similar experience, you can imagine it, or see how it could happen and the funniness of the disasters, or downsides (The Zippy specialties) only serve to accentuate the good side.
And Learn!, Dave in a short space of time increased my fishing knowledge (PVA Tape, interesting as a string user, cork pop ups on the large herring, hhhmm!, and the injection of fish oil as opposed to my spray on).
Then I had a captive audience for my computer questions! and when he wasn't talking alphabet, http, url, asp, mysql in a Yorkie accent, I was able to pose 'and now for an idiots explanation' questions that he patiently explained.

All this while, above our heads, an Unbelievably strong wind howled, moaned and drove huge waves crashing across the far bank!
Whilst we sat on a promontory haven, snug, warm and without even a brolly (let alone a bivvy) taken out of the bags! In fact Dave had even undone his jacket, after barrow duty brought a rosy glow to his features (and his net hadn't even got heavy!)

Dave is very pro-active, and after 2 hours and no runs, searched round the corner and discovered 2 20lb+ carp lying doggo in about 3ft of water near a sunken branch. So rod 1 removed, freelined piece of a convenient sandwich and for 1/2 an hour I watched him dapping for carp, on Jan 28th , middle of winter, in a storm force 10 gale!!
Sadly, they did not respond and as the day wore on neither the wind, or the fish relented and despite moving to the unclaimed, pre-booked? no.40 peg and attempting to float fish a herring, neither Dave or I had as much as a run.
Incidentally, Peg40 is the extreme point of a promontory, and when Dave put the float into the main lake, we witnessed the undertow, against the wind direction, pull his 1lb herring along, at a speed equal to normal stick float trotting!!
Such were the conditions that only hardy anglers such as Dave and I enjoyed, I believe we can put down his Izaak bivvy to the ale lol!
At 4.00 pm we pulled the plug, talked to other Anglers in the car park swims (no walking for them!) and discovered that all 5 Anglers present had not 1 run between them.
Stopping at the nearest pub, Dave further ruined his reputation by buying my Guinness! and after a pleasant warm by a roaring fire, we both set of, Fishless, but content with the shared experience and looking forward to better days.
Thanks a million , Dave, and I look forward to exploring the Wharfe with you 1 day and getting the conditions right to show you that Trent perform!
If too , I bombard you with pictures, Well you showed me that miraculous little digital camera!

Thanks Again,




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